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Will Rising Inflation Lead to More Unrest?

It’s not just crazy gold bugs now that are worried about inflation. Real concerns of inflation are starting to rise among the establishment now, including a Democrat named Larry Summers. He isn’t buying the story that supply chain issues causing a few items like used car price spikes is a culprit for the “unexpected” 0.8% rise the headline CPI ... [Read More]

Why Rising Inflation is not Transitory

John Williams, Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s program. Peter Boockvar told us last week that the Fed actually believes that rising inflation rates are transitory but think that by generating more inflation ... [Read More]

All Signs Point to Inflation

Wow! It’s getting harder and harder not to take rising inflation seriously. My IDW rose 1.1% during the week to hit a new high of 187.66. And while Equities rose a bit, the real zingers were Copper (+6.29%), Silver (+6.11%), Housing (+4.90%), and the ... [Read More]

Is Inflation Transitory?

Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group, visits for the first time and Chris Taylor of Great Bear Resources will update us on the growth of that company’s tier-one gold discovery in Ontario. Quinton ... [Read More]

Fauci and the Fed: America’s Technocratic Frauds

By: Tho Bishop This past March, Dr. Anthony Fauci sparred with Dr. Rand Paul over any public health benefit that came from wearing a mask if one had developed immunity to the virus. In dealing with both a democratically elected senator and a medical ... [Read More]

The New Constitution: The Ratification and Amendment Process

[Chapter 19 of Rothbard's newly edited and released Conceived in Liberty, vol. 5, The New Republic: 1784–1791.] A particularly vital aspect of the Constitution was the procedure to be set up for its ratification. The draft proposed that the ... [Read More]

How Covid Put an End to Your Right to Due Process

Over a year ago, the covid panic shook the world. We were told it would only be “15 days to flatten the curve” as businesses were locked down, “nonessential” employees were forced out of work (I’ve written about the myth of the nonessential employee ... [Read More]

Per Bylund on the Importance of Good Theory for Good Business

What use is economic theory in business? It’s indispensable. It’s the necessary starting point for all businesses, brands and projects. Only when you have mastered theory can you master the navigation of specific situations, and be confident in your ... [Read More]

Investors Won’t Buy the “Transitory” Inflation Line

The Federal Reserve and European Central Bank repeat that the recent inflationary spike is “transitory.” The problem is that investors do not buy it. Inflation is always a monetary phenomenon, and this time is not different. What central banks call ... [Read More]

Gold Trades Above Its 200-Day Moving Avg.

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   May 18, 2021   *currencies and metals have strong rallied on Monday * When will they ever learn?    Good Day…. And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! Well… another day, and another day with the ... [Read More]

Restaurant Revitalization Fund: Government Remaking American Society

By: Georg GrassmueckThe Small Business Administration creation of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RFA) under the American Rescue Plan Act is another government program in response to the covid pandemic that has the potential for abuse and misuse, ... [Read More]

Money-Supply Growth Finally Slows in March, Drops to 10-Month Low

After three months in a row of hitting new all-time highs, money supply growth slowed in March, dropping to a 10-month low.  This slowdown, however,  does not suggest any significant departure from the past year's high growth in money supply—which ... [Read More]

It’s Not Just Powell

By: Robert AroAs the face of the organization, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell should bear the brunt of anyone’s perturbation over the central bank’s anti-capitalism stance. However, it’s not just Powell who seems to be out of touch with the ... [Read More]

How Monetary Expansion Creates Income and Wealth Inequality

“Every change in the money relation alters … the conditions of the individual members of society. Some become richer, some poorer.” – Mises, Human Action, p. 414. New money enters the economy at a particular point. It does not enter in the form of a ... [Read More]

The Real Estate Boom in Vegas Is More Frenzied Than Ever

Summerlin, the suburb of west Las Vegas creeping ever closer to the mountains, looks to be crowded with fully paved streets, streetlights, block walls, and blue top lots. With lumber, labor, and other materials in short supply, home construction ... [Read More]

Gold Appears To Be Staging New Momentum Base

Although Gold has continued to drift downward after reaching a peak near $2089.20 in early August 2020, our Custom Gold Inverse Trending Index suggests this weakness has actually built a very strong momentum base – preparing for a big move ... [Read More]

It’s Tax Day!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   May 17, 2021   * Currencies & metals have good rallied on Friday * Kitco.com allows Frank Holmes to talk price manipulation!    Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! It’s Tax Day… ... [Read More]

Entering a Technical ‘Excess Phase Top’? Should You Be In Cash Now?

Are Apple, Tesla, and Bitcoin Entering a Technical ‘Excess Phase Top’? Should You Be In Cash Right Now? Part II In the first part of this research series, I highlighted the broad market cycles and what technical analysts call the “Excess Phase ... [Read More]

Sickcare is the Knife in the Heart of Employment–and the Economy

We need to change the incentives of the entire system, not just healthcare, but if we don't start with healthcare, that financial cancer will drag us into national insolvency all by itself. American Healthcare is a growth industry in the same way ... [Read More]

Yes, Paul Krugman, Booms Are Unsustainable

That Austrians and Keynesians do not share many views on economics (or probably anything else) is obvious, so a difference of opinion between the two hardly should surprise anyone. However, it still is important to point out the differences between ... [Read More]

Commodities Boom Only In ‘Early Innings’

  This perspective on the markets is from our friend Adam Taggart at the newly-launched Wealthion channel; we hope you enjoy it.   Back in December, Saxo ... [Read More]

Elon Is Wrong About Bitcoin…

Elon Is Wrong About Bitcoin. Crypto Miners Are Key to Renewables' Success   And just like that, Elon Musk has turned on Bitcoin. In a tweet on Wednesday, the self-proclaimed “Technoking of Tesla” said his company—which announced in ... [Read More]

“Infrastructure” Is Now Anything the Government Wants To Do

A common rhetorical tactic is to change the definition of a key word in a debate to fit a preferred conclusion. This tactic is now being used by President Biden and other lawmakers in support of an anticipated $2 trillion infrastructure bill they are ... [Read More]