On the the next radio program: "Monetary Climate Change and Gold" Ronald-Peter Stöferle and Dr. Quinton Hennigh are guests.
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The Outlook for U.S. Stocks?

Dr. Peter Treadway, Michael Oliver and Corwin Coe return as guests on this week’s program. On May 5, Peter opined that “The outlook for U.S. stocks has turned negative.” That article focused on the costs of green energy being imposed on Americans by far-left politicians. But Peter who is focused on global markets will most certainly have some ... [Read More]

A Big Risk-Off Week

Given a need to travel on Friday, I’m commenting here on the basis of a four-day work week, so things could change dramatically tomorrow. But this is one of the biggest risk-off weeks in quite a while with everything down except T-Bonds. But this is ... [Read More]

COVID 19 and Limits to Global Growth

Robert Moriarty, Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Jeff Deist return as guests on this week’s program. The Club of Rome warns that “the earth’s interlocking resources–the global system of nature in which we all live–probably cannot support present rates of ... [Read More]

The Party is over & our “Friends” Have Gone Home!

It’s been quite a party for America since World War II and especially since 1971 when President Nixon threw open the monetary liquor cabinet to Americans by detaching gold from money. That meant Americans didn’t have to work for their wealth because ... [Read More]

Pretending the US is Solvent

Except for gold, all the key market metrics were up this week. I have a feeling—it’s only a feeling—that some of gold’s weakness may be due to price manipulation by the bullion banks to shape a bearish psychology before June 24 when Basel III goes ... [Read More]

Will Basel III Lead to Honest Gold Price Discovery?

Alasdair Macleod, Michael Oliver and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return. Bullion banks and central banks have controlled the rise in gold prices through the application of newly-printed money to create fake supply and allow nearly infinite leverage in the ... [Read More]

La Fed está tratando de confundir al mundo: no funcionará

By: Tho Bishop Buenas noticias para todos, la inflación que los americanos están presenciando diariamente es temporal. Eso es, al menos, lo que nuestros tecnócratas ilustrados de la Reserva Federal intentan desesperadamente convencer al resto del ... [Read More]

The Drive for Regulatory Harmonization

Contemporary social and economic affairs take place within a bewildering complex of regulatory restrictions and requirements. Already profuse beyond comprehension, the labyrinth grows ever more extensive. In the United States, at the federal level ... [Read More]

Petrol Currencies Get Moving Upward VS The Dollar

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   June 24, 2021   * Currencies couldn't hold their Tuesday gains on Wednesday * Silver is kept from closing over $26 once again...    Good Day… And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to one and all! Well, ... [Read More]

The Fed Is Trying to Gaslight the World—It Won’t Work

By: Tho Bishop Good news, everyone, the inflation that Americans are witnessing daily is temporary. That is, at least, what our enlightened technocrats at the Federal Reserve are desperately trying to convince the rest of the world of. The latest ... [Read More]

The Real Trickle-Down Effect: Making “Luxuries” Affordable to Regular People

Most readers are familiar with the notion of the "trickle-down effect." This caricature is usually employed by left-leaning economists to denounce tax cuts for the entrepreneurial class. Writing for the Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham tells ... [Read More]

Pregnant Woman Tries to Comply with Police Orders, Then the Cop Attacks Her

Pregnant Nicole Harper was doing what she was supposed to do: she was slowing down and signaling that she was looking for a safe place to pull over. That's when a state trooper decided to flip her car over.  Original Article: "Pregnant Woman Tries to ... [Read More]

Why Producer Prices (Like Lumber Prices) Are Rising Faster Than the CPI

“Homebuilding rebounded less than expected,” NBC reported recently, “as very expensive lumber and shortages of other materials continued to constrain builders’ ability to take advantage of an acute shortage of houses on the market.” Lumber isn’t the ... [Read More]

It Always Ends The Same Way: Crisis, Crash, Collapse

Risk has not been extinguished, it is expanding geometrically beneath the false stability of a monstrously manipulated market. One of the most under-appreciated investment insights is courtesy of Mike Tyson: "Everybody has a plan until they get ... [Read More]

How Fiat Money Changes Culture

Can the type of money used change the culture of a society? This might seem like an absurd proposition, but it is supported by the arguments of proponents of the Austrian school of economics.  First, let’s contextualize the importance of sound money ... [Read More]

The Road to Authoritarianism is Paved with Fiat Currency

By: Ron Paul Last week, the Federal Reserve announced it will maintain an interest rate target of zero to 0.25 percent for the rest of 2021. The Fed said it will also continue its monthly purchase of 120 billion dollars of Treasury and ... [Read More]

An Antidote to Political Correctness in Schools: Just Walk Away

By: Patrick Barron We've all heard about the newest insult to our lives and our children. I refer, of course, to the growing adoption of "critical race theory" as part of public school curriculums. Why should we be surprised? Many of our top ... [Read More]

Why Aren’t There More Free Market Surgery Centers and Clinics?

[This is a transcript of a talk given June 17, 2021, at the Mises Institute’s Medical Freedom Summit in Salem, New Hampshire.] On behalf of everyone at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and the Free Market Medical Association, thank you for the ... [Read More]

The Covid Lockdowns Showed Us How Dangerous Social Engineers Have Become

Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, governments around the world, along with a handful of unelected medical experts, have been behaving as though they are the social engineers of totalitarian regimes (e.g., fascism, Nazism, and communism). To ... [Read More]

How the Surgery Center of Oklahoma Tapped the Cash Market

"The cronies and their government pals are increasingly exposed. As the co-founder of the Free Market Medical Association, I am filled with optimism watching the growth and acceptance of market discipline in this industry." A new world of medical ... [Read More]

John Stuart Mill, “the Marketplace of Ideas,” and Minority Opinion

When justifying the airing of opinion, particularly of unpopular opinion, interlocutors have often pointed to John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty for support. Mill’s classical liberal tome is regarded as one of the greatest defenses of individuality, free ... [Read More]

Auberon Herbert: «Rechazar la imposición en todas sus formas»

By: Gary Galles El voluntariado. Es un término incómodo. Sin embargo, es lo que el filósofo político Auberon Herbert denominó como el único acuerdo social que respetaba la autoposesión de las personas—cooperación mutuamente voluntaria y no ... [Read More]

Medical Staffing and the Revolutionary Innovations We Need

A new world of medical entrepreneurship is growing. Concierge and cash-only practices, walk-in cash clinics, medical tourism, and cost-sharing plans are just a few of the ways free-market approaches are changing the landscape. Our expert speakers ... [Read More]

Can Economics Save Medicine?

A new world of medical entrepreneurship is growing. Concierge and cash-only practices, walk-in cash clinics, medical tourism, and cost-sharing plans are just a few of the ways free-market approaches are changing the landscape. Our expert speakers ... [Read More]

Explaining Malinvestment and Overinvestment

Mainstream macroeconomists may—and do—disagree with such an assessment, but Austrian macroeconomists rightly consider the Misesian/Hayekian1 theory of the business cycle to be one of the signal achievements of the entire Austrian School of thought. ... [Read More]