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Keynesian Value Destruction

Alasdair Macleod, Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver return as guests this week. About the time President Nixon detached gold from the international monetary system on August 15, 1971, he declared that “We are all Keynesians now!” That acceptance of the Keynesian economic religion by President Nixon, subsequent American presidents, and 99% of ... [Read More]

Markets in Decline

What a week! Some soothing words by Chairman Powell triggered what was only a short selling rally on Wednesday followed by 1,000 plus down day for the Dow and continued selling on Friday. I believe when Powell ruled out a 75-basis point hike, he was ... [Read More]

Income and Prices Heading in Opposite Directions

It seems that the month of April is exposing markets to some brutal truths as reality bites. As Bill Blain wrote, “The bottom line is that if incomes are falling and prices are rising, something has to give.” And David Stockman reported today that ... [Read More]

Markets to Own with “Outside Money” Trumping “Inside Money”

John Rubino and Michael Oliver return as our guests this week and Nicholas Rodway, the CEO of Core Assets Corp., visits for the first time. After 1971 when President Nixon detached gold from the global monetary system, the U.S. dollar became the ... [Read More]

The Fallacy of Collectivism

According to the doctrines of universalism, conceptual realism, holism, collectivism, and some representatives of Gestaltpsychologie, society is an entity living its own life, independent of and separate from the lives of the various individuals, ... [Read More]

History and Institutions Matter: The Postslavery Development of Jamaica and Barbados

The success of Barbados relative to other Caribbean countries has unleashed a welter of studies explaining the ascendancy of Barbados. Frequently, Barbados is compared to Jamaica because they are both former colonies of England that attained ... [Read More]

Baby Formula: Thank Protectionists and the FDA for the Shortage

For parents who rely on baby formula—whether by choice or due to medical necessity—the nationwide baby formula shortage has become increasingly difficult to ignore. According to the Wall Street Journal, Walgreens, Target, CVS, and Kroger have all ... [Read More]

The Fed: Just Doing My Job

By: Robert Aro Last week Federal Reserve Governor Christopher J. Waller wrote: Reflections on Monetary Policy in 2021, where he discussed whether or not the Fed fell behind the curve. In Fedspeak, the Fed did not raise rates fast enough to “fight ... [Read More]

Rothbard on the Court Intellectuals

It’s well known that Murray Rothbard thinks that intellectuals play a crucial role in getting the public to accept the state. Why are these “court intellectuals” needed? The necessity arises from the nature of the state. Following Franz Oppenheimer ... [Read More]

Curveballs in the Housing Bubble Bust

All these curveballs will further fragment the housing market. Oh for the good old days of a nice, clean housing bubble and bust as in 2004-2011: subprime lending expanded the pool of buyers, liar loans and loose credit created speculative leverage, ... [Read More]

Austrian Economics Research Conference 2023

Powered by WPeMatico ... [Read More]

Will Abortion Rights Lead to Secession in the USA?

By: Peyton Gouzien After the leaking of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court on “Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization,” it seems clear that the precedent set in Roe v. Wade and upheld by Planned Parenthood v. Casey is being overturned. In ... [Read More]

Africa’s Way Out of Monetary Colonialism

Africa has been plagued with rampant inflation and monetary instability over the past fifty years. There have been numerous cases of currency crises and currency resets. Even hyperinflation, the most destructive economic phenomenon, has left its ... [Read More]

PPI Inflation Is Over 10% Yet Again, Suggesting More CPI Growth in Coming Months

By: Ryan McMaken The Us Bureau of Labor Statistics released new producer price index (PPI) data today, and it’s not good news for consumers. The PPI is a measure of prices at the production phase of goods and services, and is often an indicator of ... [Read More]

Sell And Go To Cash Position Or Hang On By Your Fingernails?

As professional traders, we spend a lot of resources determining whether we are in a bull-up market or a bear-down market. The follow-up to this is our additional efforts in finding the right places to buy or sell in either of these scenarios. As ... [Read More]

The Transgender Debate Should Be about Women’s Freedom and Private Property Rights

The hot topic in British politics is whether it is appropriate for transgender-identified males to go into women’s only spaces such as toilets, changing rooms, and prisons. With J.K. Rowling as their figurehead, there has been a rise of women voicing ... [Read More]

Inflation Up, Wages Down as Biden Passes the Buck to the Do-Nothing Fed

Inflation is so high in America that we’re now supposed to believe that inflation is “moderating” if it doesn’t go above 8.5 percent. That, at least, was the message in much of the speculation yesterday around what April’s CPI inflation numbers would ... [Read More]

Real Wages Fall Again as Inflation Stays Near 40-Year Highs

Inflation is so high in America that we’re now supposed to believe that inflation is “moderating” if it doesn’t go above 8.5 percent. That, at least, was the message in much of the speculation yesterday around what April’s CPI inflation numbers would ... [Read More]

War, Sanctions, and Sanity: A Purely Hypothetical Inquiry

Dealing with specific geopolitical circumstances can be messy. We may disagree on the facts and on which sources are reliable, making it hard to make any headway in a discussion. This may be further compounded by extreme emotions we may have about ... [Read More]

Herd on the Street

The casino has become complex and there are no easy answers or predictable paths. The Wall Street herd had it easy from 2009 to 2021. Life was simple and life was good: markets were easy to predict. As long as the Federal Reserve kept interest rates ... [Read More]

Biden: Inflation Is Everybody’s Fault but Mine

Speaking at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, President Biden on Tuesday morning declared inflation to be his top “domestic priority” and insisted that inflation would not be a problem were it not for covid and the war in Ukraine. There was ... [Read More]

Why the Warmongers Are Wrong About China

In an earlier article, “No War with China,” I discussed the plans of braindead Biden and the neocon gang that controls him to start a war with China. This of course would be a disaster, but it leads to another question I’d like to talk about this ... [Read More]

This Colorado Cop Is Learning a Lesson about Proportionality

By: Ryan McMaken Loveland, Colorado police officer Austin Hopp was sentenced this week to prison time after attacking an elderly woman with dementia in June 2020. After pleading guilty to second-degree assault and other crimes, Hoppe reached a ... [Read More]